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Repersonalization Airbeat One 2023 and Indian Spirit 2023

Repersonalization – step by step

If you are unable to attend the festival and want to transfer your already personalized ticket on to a friend or acquaintance you can personalize your ticket to someone else. You can do this from the personalization platform.

As soon as the repersonalization has been completed you can download and transfer on the ticket with a new barcode. The barcode of the original ticket becomes invalid after the repersonalization.

Please note that you as the original purchaser of the ticket retain the rights to the order and remain the contact person for the order. Therefore only transfer the ticket on to someone with whom you are also connected.


  1. From now on the tickets for the Airbeat One Dance Festival 2023 and the Indian Spirit Festival 2023 can be transferred to another person:

  2. Log in to the platform with your customer account. It is imperative that the repersonalization is done using the same customer account that was used to originally purchase the tickets. Otherwise the tickets from your order will not be displayed.

  3. If you do not yet have a customer account you can convert your guest account into a customer account for the Airbeat One Dance Festival 2023 HERE and for the Indian Spirit Festival 2023 HERE. Simply enter the e-mail address you used when making the purchase.

  4. After logging in you will be shown all the tickets that you can repersonalize.

  5. Both camping and entry tickets can be repersonalised. Please select the appropriate product. Other products do not have to be repersonalized and are therefore not displayed.

  6. You must purchase a repersonalization for each originally purchased ticket that you wish to repersonalize. The organizer fee for the repersonalization is €15.00, myticket charges a fee of €2.50.

  7. Select the relevant ticket and enter the data of the new ticket holder in the fields provided. Please make sure to enter the data correctly.

  8. After successful repersonalization, you can download your repersonalized tickets directly from the order confirmation page and forward it to the new ticket holder.


Please note: If you want to repersonalize the tickets again, you have to purchase another repersonalization. The original ticket loses its validity and can no longer be used.