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Dogz of Oz Tour 2022
Toto Dogz of Oz Tour 2022
Tickets from €65.40

Toto Dogz of Oz Tour 2022 Tickets

Dogz of Oz Tour 2022

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  • About this event

    TOTO are back! In the now fifteenth line-up version, bassist John Pierce, drummer Robert "Sput" Searight and keyboardist/background singer Steve Maggiora are now grouped around founding member Steve Lukather and TOTO veteran Joseph Williams. Keyboardist Dominique "Xavier" Taplin and multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Warren Ham round out the ensemble.
    Musically, every member of TOTO's multi-generational fan base will get their money's worth, as the band will not only play all of TOTO's hits and hidden treasures, but also showcase solo music from Lukather and Williams. TOTO is moving into the future with refreshing and optimistic enthusiasm. If you want to witness this, you can get your TOTO tickets for the Dogz of Oz Global Tour 2022 here.


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    Bereits 1977 gelang TOTO kurz nach ihrer Bandgründung mit „Rosanna“ der internationale Durchbruch. Dieser Hit...

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