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Data Privacy Rules of DEAG Deutsche Entertainment Aktiengesellschaft

Information about the collection, processing and usage of data

Your trust in the correct handling of your data is for DEAG Deutsche Entertainment AG, Potsdamer Str. 58, 10785 Berlin (“DEAG”) as group company of mytic myticket AG an important prerequisite to the success of the online offering of (“Online Offering”). The collection, processing (including storage, change, transmission, blocking and deletion) and usage of your data is carried out exclusively taking into account the applicable data privacy provisions.

1. Collection, processing and usage of personal data

a) What are personal data

Personal data include information about the identity of a person, such as name, address, telephone and fax number, date of birth or email address.

b) Are personal data collected, processed and used during the use of the Online Offering?

As a matter of principle, the Online Offering can be used without storage of personal data. However, as far as personal data are collected, processed and used, DEAG points this out where appropriate and/or asks you to independently state your personal data – e.g. for the participation in a contest. In such a case your personal data are only collected, processed and used for this concrete purpose and in compliance with the principle of data economy. With the express registration by the user, the following data are collected: gender, first name, name, date of birth, email address, street, house number, zip code, place, account number, bank sort code, account holder as well as, optionally, the country of origin and the telephone number. The personal data stated upon registration are collected, processed and used by DEAG only for the purpose of establishing the corresponding contract, the execution and handling of such contract as well as for billing purposes. Any collection, processing or usage of personal data beyond this purpose is only admissible if the customer gives his personal consent or any statutory provision allows or prescribes any other collection, processing or use of the personal data. All personal data declared by you are only collected, processed and used by DEAG as data controller. DEAG will not pass on your personal data to third parties and in particular not to any other companies or other organizations unless you give DEAG a corresponding express consent or DEAG is obliged to pass on such data for statutory reasons, such as a court order or conditions imposed by a public authority. If DEAG has instructed third parties within the framework of contract data processing in accordance with § 11 Federal Data Protection Act with the collection, processing and usage of the data, this is carried out exclusively in compliance with the statutory provisions on data privacy.

2. Collection, processing and usage of usage data

a) What are usage data?

Usage data are data which can be collected whenever a website is called up.

b) How are usage data collected, processed and used during the usage of this Online Offering?

During a visit to the Online Offering DEAG stores your usage data on a short-term basis. This storage is carried out to determine interferences or disclose abusive users of the Online Offering as well as to the extent that they are necessary to build up further connections. If you expressly register, a collection, processing or usage of your usage data may be necessary for billing purposes. If this is the case, such data will be stored no longer than up to six months after the sending of the invoice, and beyond that date only if and as long as the user raises objections in respect of the invoice or if the invoice is not paid despite a request for payment.

If the data are required for compliance with existing storage periods in accordance with laws, by-laws or contracts (including with third parties), we block the data in accordance with the statutory provisions. All usage data are only collected, processed and used by DEAG as controller. DEAG will not pass on your personal data to third parties and in particular not to any other companies or other organizations unless you give DEAG a corresponding express consent or DEAG is obliged to pass on such data for statutory reasons, such as a court order or conditions imposed by a public authority. If DEAG has instructed third parties within the framework of contract data processing in accordance with § 11 Federal Data Protection Act with the collection, processing and usage of the data, this is carried out exclusively in compliance with the statutory provisions on data privacy.<

3. Correction of the data and cancellation

a) If you are no longer interested in receiving certain information and/or offers or if you no longer want to receive the information/offers through a certain route, we kindly ask you to use the settings in your account or write an email to DEAG under the following address: DEAG will then immediately meet your request.

b) You can also contact the above-mentioned address if you want to cancel your consent to the future collection, processing and usage of your data. In this case DEAG will immediately delete all correspondingly stored data about you, insofar as this is possible taking into account the contractual object and provided that there are no coercive statutory reasons preventing a deletion. Please consider that for technical or organizational reasons there may be an overlapping between your cancellation and the usage of the data within the framework of an already running campaign.

c) DEAG allows you online access to your personal data which you have entered during the registration so that you can inspect, update, supplement your personal data in your account or prompt the removal of your data.

4. Use of cookies

We point out that this page uses cookies. Acceptance of these cookies by the visitor/user is not a prerequisite to the use of the website. However, as a result of the blocking of cookies not all functions of our website can possibly be used.

a) What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file which is sent by the respective servers if a website is visited and is intermediately stored on the hard disc of the respective user. When the corresponding server is called up again, the browser of the user sends the previously received cookie back to the server. The server can then exploit the information received through this procedure in different ways. As a matter of principle, there are two different types of cookies. On the one hand, there are session cookies which are only stored for a respective visitor session. This means that the cookies are immediately deleted automatically once the respective browser is closed by the visitor/user. On the other hand, there are temporary/permanent cookies, which are stored for a longer or an unlimited period of time on the data carrier of the user.

b) How does DEAG use cookies?

DEAG uses both session cookies and temporary/permanent cookies on its web pages. During the visit of a website of our Online Offering by a user, cookies are sent to the browser of the user and stored on the hard disc of the user. These cookies serve to render our online offering more user-friendly, more effective and safer. The cookies do not contain any personal data and no personal information about the user, so that an identification of the person based on the information gained through the cookies, is not possible. The gained information serves exclusively for the purpose of elaborating statistics about the usage of our Online Offering. In this way we can adjust our Online Offering in the best possible manner to your customer wishes. The session cookies are automatically deleted from the hard disc of the customer after the end of the browser session. However, DEAG also uses cookies which remain permanently on the hard disc of the user. These cookies are necessary in order to identify during the next visit the type of visitor and the settings and entries this visitor requires. These cookies remain on the hard disc and delete themselves after the set period of time.

c) What data are included in the cookies?

Through the cookies information on certain usage behaviors, pages of the DEAG website called up etc. are stored. However, no personal data are stored. The stored cookies, therefore, do not allow for any allocation of usage behaviors to a specific or identifiable person. Insofar as cookies are used, encrypted numbers are assigned to them. Name, IP address, addresses and other personal data are not, however, included in these cookies and the Cookie Ident numbers cannot at any time be allocated to personal data. The information transmitted to DEAG is generalized in such a way that we merely receive information on the pages visited, the films viewed and the individual pages of the website which have been clicked. This information is passed on to and stored under a pseudonym which cannot be allocated to the name. Consequently, the storage serves only for the purpose of the own verification of the efficiency of contents on the web pages of DEAG and does not serve for the processing of individual usage behaviors of identifiable individual users.

d) Are also cookies and/or web beacons of third party providers used?

The advertising in this Online Offering is tailored to interests predicted for you through the anonymous collection and processing of your usage behavior. Third-party companies set on our behalf cookies on your computer which collect usage data. This concerns data which can be collected whilst you are, for instance, moving on the pages of this Online Offering or click on advertising. In this way we can analyze the usage of online advertising which could be interesting for you and reflect your preferences (“usage-based online advertising”). In no case personal data (such as name, address, email address) are stored. If IP addresses are collected, they are anonymized, so that a reference to a person is excluded.

If you no longer want to receive any usage-based online advertising, you can avoid the setting and/or storing of cookies through your browser settings. Moreover, you can oppose the use of cookies by third-party companies acting on our behalf through the following links:

Google Analytics

This website uses Google Analytics and Google Remarketing. The services are offered by Google Inc. (“Google”). You can avoid the processing of your data by Google Analytics and Google Remarketing by clicking on the link below. If you do so, an “opt-out-cookie” will be installed, so that no information of your visit will be collected in future:

Deactivate Google Analytics

Google Analytics and Google Remarketing are services provided by Google. Google uses so-called cookies, small text files, which are stored on your computer. This allows an analysis of the use of this website by you. The information generated by the cookies about your use of our Online Offering (including your IP address) is sent to and saved on a server of Google in the USA. The usage of the function “anonymizeIP” for your IP address guarantees you the reduction of your IP by the last octet within the European Union and/or in Member States of the European Economic Area, so that an unequivocal allocation of the IP address is not possible. Google adheres to the privacy policy of the "US Safe Harbor" agreement and is registered with the "Safe Harbor" program of the US Department of Commerce.

Google uses the information in order to evaluate your usage of the website. Reports are compiled about the website activities for the website operator and further services associated with the usage of the website and the general Internet usage are provided. The information may be transmitted by Google to third parties if this is required by law or if third parties process these data on behalf of Google.

Google and third parties display advertisement on websites in the internet. Google and third parties will use the data to display advertisements on websites of third parties.

Your IP address is not merged with other data of Google. The data collection and storage can be revoked at any time with effect for the future. You can disable the use and storage of cookies by Google by changing the settings in your browser software. For this, go to the page and press the "Opt-Out" button. Alternatively, you can disable the use of cookies by third parties by visiting the deactivation page of the Network Advertising Initiative under For more information about the terms of Google, see

Should you object to the use of cookies, we point out that you possibly cannot use all features of this website in full.

e) What is onsite targeting?

On the website of DEAG the afore-mentioned cookies (session cookies and temporary cookies) are used to store data on the optimization of advertising offers. Here, too, there is no allocation to the respective person. This merely concerns collected data for the optimization of the website. The data are used in order to make available advertising/special offers and services tailored to the respective user. In this way the Online Offering is even more attractive for the customer and can be used better and in a more customer-friendly manner. This is the only way to offer advertising/services tailored to the respective customer interests. Consequently, the customer only receives advertising which is really of interest for him and not a broad spectrum of general advertising. Apart from that, the customer may of course generally revoke his consent to the sending of advertising at any time.

f) What is re-targeting?

Re-targeting works in a similar way to onsite targeting. The essential difference is that third companies are involved in re-targeting as well. The website of DEAG also uses so-called re-targeting software. With this technology a user of the DEAG website can also be targeted by advertising from the websites of partners of DEAG. In this way interest-based advertising can be made available to the user which goes beyond the spectrum of products and services of DEAG. To this end the afore-mentioned cookies (session cookies and temporary cookies) are also used to read the previous usage behavior. In this case, too, there is no personal storage and transmission of data. Nor does the partner of DEAG receive any personal data of the user. Advertising is merely displayed on the pages of the partners without the data (cookies storing usage behavior) being merged with the personal data of an identifiable person. For third parties a merging of the usage behavior with the respective person is not possible either.

g) How can the setting of cookies be generally excluded?

Of course the user can prevent the setting of cookies (permanently or temporarily) by activating the relevant settings of his/her internet browser. In case the user forbids the use of cookies, we cannot ensure that all the content, products and services of our website are available any more. Every browser has settings to deny the access of cookies in general. If you want to do so, please follow the instructions below.

Internet Explorer:
• Menu: extras – internet options
• Tab "data privacy": Click on the button "sites..."
• Insert „“ in the field „website address“ and confirm by pressing “block”
Now your browser does not use cookies on the website Other sites are not affected.

To choose the setting of cookies for particular websites or domains, please go to the exceptions administration. The dialogue “Exceptions for cookies and website data” is shown. Now do the following to define a rule:
• Click on the field „Add new rule for exceptions“ and type in “”
• You can now choose in the menu, whether cookies are allowed for this website. If you choose “delete by the end of the session”, all cookies of this website will be deleted every time you close your browser.

Mozilla Firefox:

• Menu: extras - options
• Sub menu "data privacy": cookies
• Click on the button "exceptions"
• You can now choose in the menu, whether cookies are allowed for this website.

5. No liability for websites and the data privacy provisions of partners

DEAG refers on its webpages to different co-operation partners which in turn offer telemedia services, in particular websites, to be called up. These have as a rule separate data privacy statements. For these statements which are not related to DEAG, DEAG does not take over any liability. We kindly ask you to obtain information about the respective data privacy practice from such partners.

6. Data security

DEAG takes all reasonable technical and organizational measures in order to permit the safe collection, processing and usage of your data. In order to avoid unauthorized access or unauthorized disclosure as well as to secure the accuracy of the data and the justified usage of the data, DEAG has set up corresponding technical and organizational procedures in order to secure and protect data which DEAG collects online. Nonetheless DEAG cannot take over any responsibility or liability concerning the disclosure of your data due to errors in data transmission and/or unauthorized access by third parties. DEAG endeavors to ensure a responsible handling of your personal data, in particular in view of the protection and preservation of your sphere of privacy.

7. Information/suggestions

If you need any information or would like to make any suggestions on data privacy, DEAG will be pleased to be available on the email address:

8. Amendment to the data privacy provisions

DEAG reserves the right to amend these data privacy provisions at any time taking into account the valid data privacy laws. If you have given your consent in view of these data privacy provisions within the framework of the registration, DEAG undertakes to inform you properly about the amendment to these data privacy provisions.

Status: July 2015
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